4 March 2014

I worked on the balance and improved many other minor stuff.
Also added some new skills. 

Updated the download link in the download section.

12 May 2013

Various updates in balancing and I started to work on Bat.
The original 10 are more or less complete for now but still need some more balancing.
I updated the link in the download section.
22 April 2013

15 April 2013

Zenshin Dennis is done for major part. Here is a little preview;

19 March 2013

I added a beta version for download.

Firzen, LouisEX, Deep, John, Henry, Rudolf, Louis, Firen, Freeze, Woody, Davis are modified.

You have to figure out the controls on your own for now.

18 March 2013

11 March 2013

Henry is almost done! Im still trying to figure out what to do with his flute.

28 February 2013

27 February 2013

I just started to work on Firzen. His melee is almost done. There is just some minor stuff to balance.

26 February 2013

25 February 2013

I rebalanced Davis and Woody once again. This is the result!

21 February 2013

Freeze is done. I gave him stronger skills but his overall sped is still mostly slow, rebalanced him and nerfed him a bit and gave him a defensive move which heals a bit HP in the first moment but drains MP every second. You can only keep it up longer when your HP is low.

20 February 2013

Louis is done. I addded that backflip as counter move to Louis when he is hit or falling which can be chained with 1000 feet. With a bit luck and timing that works in air aswell. His Airpush is much slower so you need to time it but has the double amount of power and much more stuff to get him into Zenshin ratio!

19 February 2013

LouisEX is done. Original LouisEX is a way stronger than the normal 10 hence I made him a bit stronger than the 10 in Zenshin LF2 ratio but still beatable. 

Zenshin LouisEX is much more fun to play than original LouisEX.
His Airpalm is 3 times stronger but takes much longer to use so its dodgable and need to be timed right.
I increased his overall speed speed a bit, gave him a counter move when he is hit and some other

stuff like the spear move which can also be used defensive to block projectiles.

That and more stuff to get him into Zenshin ratio!

18 February 2013

Rudolf is done. I made his overall speed a bit faster. When he is hit or falling you can press J to evade. You can repeatly use his shadow rowing but costs MP for each use. He takes much longer to use shadow clones and it takes full MP to make them now but he makes 4 instead.

That and more stuff to get him into Zenshin ratio!

15 February 2013

Davis and Woody are done so far! Both got increased in speed, got counter moves and more stuff to get them into Zenshin ratio!